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6 juin 2013 11:54

Magnifiques photos!

17 octobre 2012 14:40

Je suis Starkiller2000 j'ai changé mon nom pour que ça soit cohérent avec mon nom sur YouTube.(Je sais qu on s en fout mais bon)

5 octobre 2012 14:52

Hopefully they'll unveil SOMETHING. maybe hobbit, or super heroes...personally I'm hoping to get an exclusive fig or two.
I've heard two rumors:
one, from the manager of my local lego store: NYCC will have the same four superheroes from SDCC, plus one more. (but they weren't sure who)
another rumor, from lego itself, through the people building the display for NYCC: there will be NO superhero figs, but there will be TNMT.

and so yes, I am friends of the display builders...if you are going, you will see the halls of justice and doom, as well a the x-mansion, one or two sentinels, the blackbird and a quinjet, and a portal to the world of the chitauri. there will also be displays from lotr and SW.

4 octobre 2012 20:21

LEGO dévoilera des sets de 2013 ?