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LEGO 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute

Go ahead for the promotional offer that allows you to obtain a copy of the set 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute from 100 € of purchase and without restriction of range via the official online store. This new offer starts today and will continue in theory until March 14th.

Almost everything has already been said about this little set to the glory of the pioneer of civil aviation Amelia Earhart that I presented to you a few days ago on the occasion of a "Review ". I think everyone will have understood that the stock will be exhausted well before the expected date and that it is therefore more prudent to decide quickly if this box really interests you.

Otherwise, you can also wait until March 15 to take advantage of the other offer planned for this month, the one that will allow you to get the set 40449 Easter Bunny's Carrot House from 60 € of purchase without restriction of range.


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And for those who do not know what to buy, know that the excellent set 80107 Spring Lantern Festival (99.99 €) is currently available. Find the penny that's missing to meet the minimum purchase amount required to take advantage of the current offer.

LEGO Chinese New Year 2021 80107 Spring Lantern Festival

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

Today we are quickly interested in the LEGO Monkie Kid set 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain, the biggest box of the second wave of products from this range freely inspired by the legend of the Monkey King. It should also always be borne in mind that these products target a very specific clientele who is familiar with the context to which the content of this box makes a particularly strong reference.

No futuristic spaceship or machine in this set of 1949 pieces, this large box strives to pay homage to the very popular tale in Asia with a staging directly borrowed from the art of Shanshui, a pictorial style that highlights natural landscapes. Mountains, waterfalls, clouds, vegetation and calligraphy are generally in the spotlight in these works and the LEGO version takes all the codes to offer a rather impressive diorama.

This set is also and above all the cultural guarantee of the range, it is responsible for convincing parents that the Monkie Kid universe draws deeply from Chinese culture despite the accumulation of over-armed robots, over-equipped mechs and futuristic-looking machines. that compete on packaging. Thus convinced that the Monkie Kid universe is a good reference to the legend they know, parents will undoubtedly be more inclined to go to the cash register to please their children.

In all fairness, I don't think the substance of the product is too exciting to put together, but the shape on the other hand is quite satisfactory. The pleasure of assembling something other than a ship or any mechanical device quickly takes over and a certain poetry finally emerges from this Mountain of a Thousand Flowers (or Fruit-Flower Mountain). A few stickers and other large pieces are necessary to obtain this playset with limited functionality, but the end result seems to me sufficiently interesting from an aesthetic point of view to forgive the shortcuts.

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

The construction of nearly 70 cm long by more than 30 cm high is divided into three sub-sections connected to each other by Technic pines and we quickly realize that we mainly get a half-mountain, the back of the playset contenting itself with the bare necessities with its exposed Technic beams and minimalist finishes.

Unlike the other boxes in the range which feature clashes between the Monkie Kid and his various enemies using futuristic machines and weapons, this product focuses exclusively on the legend that serves as a common thread. this range by offering the different stages that led Sun Wukong to become the Monkey King.

There is therefore a logical progression in this diorama, starting with the birth of the one who will become Sun Wukong. Each of the six milestones in the story is illustrated by a small gold panel adorned with a sticker on a red background that describes (in Chinese) what takes place there.

According to legend, the young monkey came out of a rock located on the Fruit-Fleur mountain and we therefore have here a dedicated space which allows to stage the character in his stone egg and to "explode "the rock to free the child. A tab is installed at the foot of the cavity in which the minifig is installed, just pull it to open the rock and reveal the one who will then be nicknamed the Stone Monkey.

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

The story continues with the crossing of the waterfall which allowed the young monkey to gain the respect of his peers and to discover in passing a wonderful place then occupied by the future king and his congeners. It is possible to vaguely replay the scene by pressing a lever which moves two of the uprights of the waterfall covered with stickers on a transparent background.

Here too, the functionality is disarmingly simple, but the solution used always works and the waterfall easily separates into two parts. There is no complex mechanism, it will be necessary to close the cascade manually. We then continue with the learning and training phase of the young pretender to the throne with the raft on which he traveled for ten years before meeting Soudhobi of which he became the disciple.

The obtaining of the title of King of the Monkeys by Sun Wukong is embodied here by the presence of the throne at the top of the left part of the mountain. Some might wonder why the story progression is right to left on the diorama. The explanation is simple, the staging here respects the traditional meaning of reading still used in China for certain content.

We also have a feature to replay the clash between the Monkie Kid and the Six Ears Macaque, the cunning and jealous alter-ego of the Monkey King. Nothing crazy, it is actually pedestals on which we install the minifigs and two notched wheels which allow the supports to rotate to create a little movement.

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

The endowment in minifigs of this big box which allows to accumulate the monkeys plays on two tables: on the one hand, it is responsible for providing us with the different versions of Sun Wukong which are necessary to stage the birth and the evolution from the character until obtaining his status of Monkey King and on the other, she makes the link with the animated series by adding the inevitable Monkie Kid who makes a detour through the mountain in question on the screen.

So we get a Monkey King in a newborn version, in a teenage version, in an apprentice version and in his usual form with his shiny armor. These minifigs come with the Monkie Kid and the Six Eared Macaque, a deceitful and ill-intentioned character with whom the young hero chooses to train. The villain briefly seizes the powers of the Monkey King but then loses them in a clash with the "real" king. The inventory is completed by two young monkeys with mischievous looks and short legs.

LEGO Monkie Kid 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

Let's face it, this big mountain sold for 170 € which offers few real fun possibilities will not appeal to everyone. The public targeted directly by this range will find themselves there with an original incarnation of the Fruit-Flower mountain, very present in the popular legend of the Monkey King. Those who have not been lulled by this tale may find it a little difficult to grasp all the subtleties of this diorama which draws its inspiration from the art of Shanshui and will ultimately only see a mountain that is a little rough and much too expensive.

In Asia, the first opinions on this box are however unanimous and the product seems to reach its goal. With us, it will probably be less obvious, but I remind you that this range of products is only distributed elsewhere than in Asia because LEGO is committed to no longer geographically limiting the distribution of its "general public" products. . We cannot therefore blame the manufacturer for developing products on themes that are not particularly familiar to us.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at March 20, 2021 next at 23pm. "The" I try, I participate "are automatically deleted, make an effort.

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LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh

LEGO today unveils the LEGO Ideas set 21326 Winnie the Pooh, an official product inspired by the project Winnie the Pooh initiated by Ben Alder alias benlouisa. In the box, 1265 pieces and five characters: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Coco Lapin, Eeyore and Tigger. Those who remember the cartoon broadcast on FR3 in the 80s will undoubtedly regret the absence of Master Owl in this set which remains despite everything a beautiful evolution of the initial project.

The LEGO designer has taken over Benlouisa's proposal by expanding the tree that houses the teddy's hut and giving it a more cartoonish side than that of the reference project. The result is in my opinion a bit messy in places but LEGO takes the austerity out of the original project tree and that's a good thing.

LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh) by benlouisa

Behind the tree which makes use of the corals delivered here in green, the hut opens in two parts to allow a presentation of the small troop in front of the planned facilities, we may regret the absence of a table and some chairs to avoid leaving the Tigger and Piglet minifigs sitting on the floor. LEGO doesn't skimp on the jars of honey and the interior of the hut is full of furniture and supplies. Special mention for the swarms with their bees on a rotating axis fixed on the branches of the trees, it's cartoon and it sticks to the atmosphere of the cartoon.

The five characters provided are all very true to their appearance in the differences between movies or animated series that have been released for many years, and ultimately Winnie I find the least successful of the set of figures provided. The teddy bear seen on the screen has a rather angular face, but the head of the minifigure does not make him as sympathetic and naive as I remember.

LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh

LEGO Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh

The set which is spread over a format of 24 x 18 cm and 22 cm high does not escape a handful of stickers that will be used to dress the interior of the cabin and its few accessories, the LEGO Ideas range does not avoid not the stickers.

We could discuss the graphic design of the packaging, LEGO having chosen to use the usual format of products intended for adult customers. Some will appreciate the sober side of the thing with a real emphasis on the content of the product without unnecessary frills but others would probably have preferred a presentation more in the spirit of the animated series with a colorful background and a less staid aesthetic.

You will have to pay € 109.99 from March 18, 2021 to afford this box for the planned VIP preview. The set will then be available to all customers of the official store from April 1st.

Nostalgia often has a price and it is therefore up to everyone to see if this set, which refers to a universe very popular with a whole generation, deserves to spend the hundred euros requested by LEGO. We will also remember that this is not the first appearance of Winnie and his friends at LEGO, many sets had been marketed between 1999 and 2001 and then in 2011 in the DUPLO range.


(The link to the shop redirects to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

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LEGO 40449 Easter Bunny's Carrot House

Today we discover the contents of the LEGO set a little closer 40449 Easter Bunny's Carrot House, a small 232-piece box that will be offered by LEGO from € 60 purchase and without range restriction from March 15 to April 5, 2021.

The set is now referenced on the official store or it is valued at 12.99 €. The product description leaves no room for doubt, there will be a few stickers in this box to decorate the giant carrot to build which serves as the rabbit's house.

I am not often seduced by the products offered under the condition of purchase on the official store, but this pretty carrot house, about fifteen centimeters high, could well encourage me to spend the minimum amount required.

LEGO 40449 Easter Bunny's Carrot House

LEGO 40449 Easter Bunny's Carrot House

LEGO Ninjago 71746 Jungle Dragon

Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Ninjago set 71746 Jungle Dragon, a box of 506 pieces sold at the public price of 39.99 € since March 1 which is also one of the four references currently marketed which showcase the events taking place in the special episode "The unknown island" .

The regulars of the Ninjago universe know it, the dragon is a chestnut tree of the range with more or less successful proposals according to the boxes in which we find these creatures. A little rickety, poorly or poorly articulated, difficult to handle without breaking everything, the Ninjago range is full of sometimes successful dragons and others much less convincing.

This "Jungle Dragon" about thirty centimeters long, which looks a bit like a big lizard closer to the universe of the Elves range than to the usual atmosphere of Ninjago products, is distinguished both by the colors used and by the "forced" pose imposed by the assembly of the body of the beast in the arched position. This choice on the part of the designer ensures the user to always present their dragon in an interesting position, then instructs each fan to orient the legs, head and tail of the dragon according to the staging chosen.

The creature is therefore articulated at different points and we find the Ball Seals usual gray. As often, these assemblies have a little trouble really integrating into the overall aesthetic of the model and remain here for example really visible at the level of the neck and the hind legs. It's a little better at the junction between the front legs and the dragon's body with a few decorative pieces that somehow hide the articulation mechanism.

LEGO Ninjago 71746 Jungle Dragon

LEGO Ninjago 71746 Jungle Dragon

The head of this dragon seems really successful to me with its movable jaw fixed via two robot arms at the top. This solution offers maximum mobility to the whole but it also turns out to be a little fragile with the risk that the lower part, loaded with a few parts embodying the dragon's tongue, will come off. The pad printing on the upper part of the head is superb, this dragon / lizard has a really impressive menacing look.

The tail of the dragon is also in my opinion very successful, the sub-assemblies which compose it form a pretty very dense mobile chain which does not reveal too much the connection points. I find the 360 ​​° adjustable wings a little less interesting with a lot of gray parts at the junction between these two rather sketchy appendages and the body of the animal. The dragon can transport Lloyd through the seat provided, an accessory that can easily be removed if you want to expose the creature without this paraphernalia.

There are nine stickers to stick on the dragon's body to refine its appearance. The patterns on the different stickers are matched with those pad printed on the animal's head and the background color of the stickers matches that of the parts Teal. The golden patterns printed on these different stickers ensure the aesthetic junction with the elements in Color: Gold used on the back of the animal. It's visually consistent.

In the box, there is also something to assemble a slightly techno windsurfing board in the colors of Zane. Why not knowing that this element is the only one to have Stud-Shooters which allow you to knock out the two guards provided. The Tile en Pearl Gold placed on the sail is pad printed, it is also available in the set 71740 Jay's Electro-Mech (19.99 €).

LEGO Ninjago 71746 Jungle Dragon

The endowment in minifigs provided in this box is correct and we especially remember the presence of PoulErik, the Guardian with two heads. The minifigure isn't exactly exclusive, it's just a combination of items used for other Guardians. The two ninjas in version Iceland and Thunder Keeper are also available in other boxes. If it's only Lloyd's minifig with its war paint and tactical outfit that interests you, know that you can get it in a much cheaper set of the range, the reference 71745 Lloyd's Jungle Chopper Bike (19.99 €), and in the polybag 30539 Lloyd's Quad Bike which was offered in February in the LEGO Stores.

In summary, this Jungle Dragon is in my opinion to be classified among the most successful dragons in the range, it offers a relatively high level of detail with a nice gradient of the Teal to Sand Green, all embellished with golden pieces, it offers the possibility of making him take many poses and it looks great from almost any angle. Some fans of the Ninjago universe might find it a bit off topic for the range, tastes and colors don't argue.

The set is sold at the public price of 39.99 €, a price that can in my opinion be considered relatively reasonable taking into account the construction experience, the finish of the model, the handle of minifigs provided and the playful possibilities. offered by this box which only asks to be combined with the rocky peak of the set 71747 The Keepers' Village sold for its part 49.99 €.

LEGO Ninjago 71746 Jungle Dragon

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at March 18, 2021 next at 23pm. "The" I try, I participate "are automatically deleted, make an effort.